Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, this week we all got sick. For some it was just a cold, and for others (Kenny and myself) it turned into a bit more trouble. Kenny is doing fine, but needs to be nebulized 3 times a day because he has been wheezing a little and his oxygen levels were a little low when I took him to the doctor. He really hates having that nebulizer mask thing on. It makes him quite upset! But he has to do it. And he is doing fine. His cold just went to his chest, but he is in the coughing stage now. I take him back in for a follow up tomorrow.

My cold gave me a sinus infection (a common problem for me these days) and then went to my chest, triggering asthma and now I am in the coughing stage. But for 2 days, when my nose and sinuses were particularly stuffed up, I lost my sense of smell and taste! It was quite a drag, let me tell you. I mean, you realize just how much you really savor and need these senses once they are gone! I couldn't enjoy eating at all. (I suppose this is a great weight loss plan. I did lose weight this past week, but not just because I couldn't enjoy eating due to my lacking sense of taste, but because I felt crappy. Anyhoo. . . ) I could only taste Salty, Sweet and Acidic. But just slightly! I couldn't taste other subtleties in flavor and didn't realize I would miss them so much. I missed the taste of Garlic, and Cheese and any spice you can think of. I missed every taste that gives foods their unique flavor! I made this delicious Spinach Casserole (the only reason I know it is delicious is because I had made it before) and couldn't taste a thing! It was just like eating a bowl of cooked noodles, with no sauces or anything, but even LESS flavorful.

Without my ability to smell, I couldn't tell that Lexi had an accident and did # 2 in her underwear during her "nap" time. I came into her room just as she was in the process of covering up the villainy. Good thing I came in when I did, or I wouldn't have found out until Carl came home. I couldn't smell a thing! I had to ask her where she hid her underwear with the proof of the crime in them (she readily confessed that she hid them under her bed. Sneaky little thing!). However, since most of the smells I encounter are no good, with all of the diaper changes and potty trips and spit-ups I deal with everyday, I would have to say that my sense of smell was not missed near as much as my sense of taste! Ha ha ha . . .

Anyway, I can taste and smell once again, and am loving it! I enjoy eating and cooking once again. Ahhhh . . . life is good. : )

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