Sunday, October 12, 2008

Personality Traits (for Memorie's Sake!)

I think, just as I suppose every parent does, that it is rather neat how separate my children's personalities are. They are really quite different! Almost like fire (Lexi) and water (Kenny). And I (personally) think that they came with these dispositions right from the start! Of course they will develop more traits as they get older, but they were born with their individuality.

So, what are these personality traits? Well, for memories sake, I am going to give a short list of adjectives to describe each child. Also, I am going to add their nickname to the top of the list (for memories sake!). So . . . lets start with child # 1. Lexi!

(The Babbin, or Lexi Lumpkin)









Momma's Boy

Differences are what make parenting so demanding and so rewarding. One child responds one way, and another responds alternately. They have different priorities and different needs. We, as parents, learn how to adjust to fit the needs of each child. We learn that one technique does not work perfectly for all.

But one never gets bored! Our children keep our minds keen and us always on our toes. Which is just what we ultimately need. Because sometimes it seems like we might be getting dumber when our days are filled with Sesame Street and Telletubbies, with negotiating how many times we are going to do Ring-Around-the-Rosies, with debating over the necessity of wearing clothing. But truly, we are learning so much more. Just what it is would be a whole other post. So . . .

Time for new Pix!

We went to Hovateers Wildlife Zoo yesterday. It was quite fun.

Here we have our little punkin's in a car. Ain't thet cute?

Kenny is a mighty happy boy.

No one is looking at the camera.

Lexi feedin' them thar goats!

This creature is super cool, but I cannot recall what it's name is. Why is it cool? It is the Worlds Largest Rodent. It looks like a 2 foot long Hamster that weighs about 50 pounds!

Carl and Lexi match, kind of . . .

The Kidlets enjoyed the sandbox the most, methinks.

2 Saturdays before, we went to the Buckwheat Festival. I wanted to take a pic that would show off what the festival is all about, but I suppose it is just like any old festival! There were no special, "Buckwheat-y" pictures to take.

Lexi and Kenny in stroller. Kenny is the Goofy Faces King.

Lexi loves the Merry-Go-Round

Lexi rode the Dragons, and still talks about it.

Well, that's all folks! Till next time.

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