Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Easily Distracted Mind . . .

Toddlers and babies have such wonderful minds. They can soak in so much and they learn so fast. They develop their own crazy little personalities. They are amazing little creatures! But, they are so easily distracted.

Sometimes this feature is something to take delight in. Other times it is something that causes one to despair. Here are some examples from my own life:

Delightful Moments of Distraction:

~ Lexi is currently mad at me for for putting her back into the stroller during one of our walks. She cries quite angrily and robustly until she spots a strange green globe hanging from a tree (it was a nut encased in a peel or something). She smiles and says, "I want it." So I happily comply with her request and we are on our way.

~ A friends daughter enters the house quite upset about something. Suddenly she spots the cupcakes I have brought and abruptly she is happy. She exclaims, "Cupcakes!" No more tears are shed.

~ Kenny is mad that he is stuck sitting on the floor. So, I grab some blocks and build a tower for him. Immediately he flaps his arms and his eye grown wide. He kicks his legs back and forth which is what he does when he is excited. Then, he grabs the tower and knocks it over. He is happy once again.

Despair Causing Distractions

~ Lexi and I are having some nice "Mommy and Lexi" time as Kenny takes a nap. Not far into our playing, Kenny begins to fuss. I know that he is not ready to wake up and will probably fall back to sleep on his own. But Lexi completely forgets about our playing and says, "Oh Kenny is awake!", and runs to see him. He doesn't go back to sleep.

~ Lexi says, "I need to go Potty!" so off we go to the bathroom. When we get there, she spots my makeup back and the notion of going potty goes down the drain. She carts off my bag instead.

So, to show you my easily distracted mind, I am going to have a random conglomeration of pictures next! Ha ha!

Carl is so sweet! He randomly surprised me yesterday with this loverly assembly.

Lexi and Kenny hanging out in the playpen.

Here Kenny looks like me . .

And two seconds later he looks just like Carl! Crazy . . .

Lexi committed another mess making crime. Here we have our radio, covered in baby powder.

Lexi and Parker on a vacuuming craze!

And last of all, a video to show how sweet it is when Lexi makes Kenny laugh!

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Michelle said...

That little video is way cute! And, it makes me smile to see your hubby being sweet! Nothing like flowers, ice cream and root beer! :)
I just now realized that I hadn't responded to you when you asked when a good time is to call. Anytime is great! If it is better, I can call you too. Whatever you want. I look forward to hearing from you!

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