Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Curse

It has been revealed. My kitchen floor has a curse! A terrible, terrible curse. What is this curse, you ask? The Curse of the Mopped Floor . . . (whooooo, "insert ghostly noise here".) What does this curse entail, you want to know? Well, every time I mop my floor, someone spills something all over it. It just won't stay clean for longer than 2 hours, I swear! Once the floor is nice and squeaky clean, something comes over us all and we develop butter fingers. Cups go flying out of our grasp. Our dishes develop minds of their own. Bowls of macaroni jump off of the table. Lexi excels and tips over even more liquids than usual. Ohhhh, what a horrid curse it is!!!

Huh . . .you know what? My whole house has a curse! The Curse of the (somewhat) Clean House! Arg! Why won't it just stay clean? *I know the answer to this one, but I can still wish it would just stay clean, can't I?*

So, what to do about this curse? Does anyone know how to banish/exorcise it? : ) Hmmm, the world may never know. I sure don't.



iandysgrl said...

I'm sorry, I don't think there is a fix for this curse... Every person who lives somewhere gets this curse. The only way to prevent it is to not live anywhere. Or never clean your house, I suppose! :-)

Michelle said...

I would like to believe that there is no escaping the curse, but I actually do know a few people who have perpetually clean houses. Rare cases though. I think all moms must feel the way you do - especially when they have small children. I have come to the realization that I must mop daily. (most of our house is tile) Even though I know that is my only hope of attaining one notch above a semi-clean house, 3 times a week seems to be the best I can do.

Derek and Melissa said...

It is good to see you doing so well. Your kids are darling! Amazing how much changes in ten years. Take care.


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