Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Cuties!

Here are my two little Cutie Pies in their costumes. (Plus Lexi's friend Parker as Mr. Incredible) I did a little theme. Lexi is "The Princess" and Kenny is "The Pea" as in, "The Princess and the Pea" . Ha ha, I thought it was funny . . . Yeah, I made their costumes. They look homemade, but I am happy. It was fun! I am a little disappointed that Lexi isn't as excited about her dress as I thought she would be. I could just let her wear her pajamas and she wouldn't care. Oh well, maybe she will like it better when she is more interested in dress ups? I hope so.

I also think that this color is quite stunning on Lexi. She is such a little beauty!

I added Kenny's hood later. This pix was taken at the Library Storytime Halloween party.


What a sweet girl!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tiger Mommy Teaches

The day has come. I actually didn't think I would need to teach Lexi about this. But I do. I need to teach her about asserting herself and standing up for herself. Why? Well, just last Saturday we were at the Burger King Playplace when a boy growled at Lexi as she was making her way up to the slide. She watched him with wide eyes as he growled 2 more times. Then she burst into big, wet, sad tears! Carl went up to save her and brought her down. But I wanted her to go up and slide down just like she wanted to in the first place. So I went up with her. She said, "I'm afraid of the boy" in her cute little voice. But I told her not to be afraid, he was just making bear noises. (Not so scary sounding now, huh?) I advised her to "growl back." Then I had her growl a few times for me to practice. Ha! Silly? Perhaps . . . But we know how the protective Tiger-Mommy in us comes out when we see our kids getting intimidated or scared. We wanna protect them and make it all better!

Personally, I don't really think I am the person for the job. I am not very good at asserting myself. And really, it wasn't a big deal.
I was overreacting in a very young-mother sort of way. Lexi is just learning the dynamics of socializing. Eventually she will learn how to react and move on to playing once again. She will be fine without my help. Tiger-Mommy won't be needed. Which is good, since Tiger-Mommy is really tired anyway. : )

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Curse

It has been revealed. My kitchen floor has a curse! A terrible, terrible curse. What is this curse, you ask? The Curse of the Mopped Floor . . . (whooooo, "insert ghostly noise here".) What does this curse entail, you want to know? Well, every time I mop my floor, someone spills something all over it. It just won't stay clean for longer than 2 hours, I swear! Once the floor is nice and squeaky clean, something comes over us all and we develop butter fingers. Cups go flying out of our grasp. Our dishes develop minds of their own. Bowls of macaroni jump off of the table. Lexi excels and tips over even more liquids than usual. Ohhhh, what a horrid curse it is!!!

Huh . . .you know what? My whole house has a curse! The Curse of the (somewhat) Clean House! Arg! Why won't it just stay clean? *I know the answer to this one, but I can still wish it would just stay clean, can't I?*

So, what to do about this curse? Does anyone know how to banish/exorcise it? : ) Hmmm, the world may never know. I sure don't.


Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, today I don't have my muse. I don't feel like writing anything creative. Which is strange because one of the main reasons I like blogging so much is that it gives me an opportunity to be creative. But my muse has left me today. Most likely because my house is a wreck and my dishes need to be washed and put away. It takes a while to get back into the swing of things after being sick. When Mama is sick, the whole house goes to pot and the system comes to a screeching halt! Sooo . . . considering that I need to get everything back in order again, I need to go. I will post something of greater interest later. Tah tah!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, this week we all got sick. For some it was just a cold, and for others (Kenny and myself) it turned into a bit more trouble. Kenny is doing fine, but needs to be nebulized 3 times a day because he has been wheezing a little and his oxygen levels were a little low when I took him to the doctor. He really hates having that nebulizer mask thing on. It makes him quite upset! But he has to do it. And he is doing fine. His cold just went to his chest, but he is in the coughing stage now. I take him back in for a follow up tomorrow.

My cold gave me a sinus infection (a common problem for me these days) and then went to my chest, triggering asthma and now I am in the coughing stage. But for 2 days, when my nose and sinuses were particularly stuffed up, I lost my sense of smell and taste! It was quite a drag, let me tell you. I mean, you realize just how much you really savor and need these senses once they are gone! I couldn't enjoy eating at all. (I suppose this is a great weight loss plan. I did lose weight this past week, but not just because I couldn't enjoy eating due to my lacking sense of taste, but because I felt crappy. Anyhoo. . . ) I could only taste Salty, Sweet and Acidic. But just slightly! I couldn't taste other subtleties in flavor and didn't realize I would miss them so much. I missed the taste of Garlic, and Cheese and any spice you can think of. I missed every taste that gives foods their unique flavor! I made this delicious Spinach Casserole (the only reason I know it is delicious is because I had made it before) and couldn't taste a thing! It was just like eating a bowl of cooked noodles, with no sauces or anything, but even LESS flavorful.

Without my ability to smell, I couldn't tell that Lexi had an accident and did # 2 in her underwear during her "nap" time. I came into her room just as she was in the process of covering up the villainy. Good thing I came in when I did, or I wouldn't have found out until Carl came home. I couldn't smell a thing! I had to ask her where she hid her underwear with the proof of the crime in them (she readily confessed that she hid them under her bed. Sneaky little thing!). However, since most of the smells I encounter are no good, with all of the diaper changes and potty trips and spit-ups I deal with everyday, I would have to say that my sense of smell was not missed near as much as my sense of taste! Ha ha ha . . .

Anyway, I can taste and smell once again, and am loving it! I enjoy eating and cooking once again. Ahhhh . . . life is good. : )

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Personality Traits (for Memorie's Sake!)

I think, just as I suppose every parent does, that it is rather neat how separate my children's personalities are. They are really quite different! Almost like fire (Lexi) and water (Kenny). And I (personally) think that they came with these dispositions right from the start! Of course they will develop more traits as they get older, but they were born with their individuality.

So, what are these personality traits? Well, for memories sake, I am going to give a short list of adjectives to describe each child. Also, I am going to add their nickname to the top of the list (for memories sake!). So . . . lets start with child # 1. Lexi!

(The Babbin, or Lexi Lumpkin)









Momma's Boy

Differences are what make parenting so demanding and so rewarding. One child responds one way, and another responds alternately. They have different priorities and different needs. We, as parents, learn how to adjust to fit the needs of each child. We learn that one technique does not work perfectly for all.

But one never gets bored! Our children keep our minds keen and us always on our toes. Which is just what we ultimately need. Because sometimes it seems like we might be getting dumber when our days are filled with Sesame Street and Telletubbies, with negotiating how many times we are going to do Ring-Around-the-Rosies, with debating over the necessity of wearing clothing. But truly, we are learning so much more. Just what it is would be a whole other post. So . . .

Time for new Pix!

We went to Hovateers Wildlife Zoo yesterday. It was quite fun.

Here we have our little punkin's in a car. Ain't thet cute?

Kenny is a mighty happy boy.

No one is looking at the camera.

Lexi feedin' them thar goats!

This creature is super cool, but I cannot recall what it's name is. Why is it cool? It is the Worlds Largest Rodent. It looks like a 2 foot long Hamster that weighs about 50 pounds!

Carl and Lexi match, kind of . . .

The Kidlets enjoyed the sandbox the most, methinks.

2 Saturdays before, we went to the Buckwheat Festival. I wanted to take a pic that would show off what the festival is all about, but I suppose it is just like any old festival! There were no special, "Buckwheat-y" pictures to take.

Lexi and Kenny in stroller. Kenny is the Goofy Faces King.

Lexi loves the Merry-Go-Round

Lexi rode the Dragons, and still talks about it.

Well, that's all folks! Till next time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not a Good Start.

Just a random note: You can tell that your day is off to a rather inauspicious start when you pour juice into the butter during breakfast .

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Easily Distracted Mind . . .

Toddlers and babies have such wonderful minds. They can soak in so much and they learn so fast. They develop their own crazy little personalities. They are amazing little creatures! But, they are so easily distracted.

Sometimes this feature is something to take delight in. Other times it is something that causes one to despair. Here are some examples from my own life:

Delightful Moments of Distraction:

~ Lexi is currently mad at me for for putting her back into the stroller during one of our walks. She cries quite angrily and robustly until she spots a strange green globe hanging from a tree (it was a nut encased in a peel or something). She smiles and says, "I want it." So I happily comply with her request and we are on our way.

~ A friends daughter enters the house quite upset about something. Suddenly she spots the cupcakes I have brought and abruptly she is happy. She exclaims, "Cupcakes!" No more tears are shed.

~ Kenny is mad that he is stuck sitting on the floor. So, I grab some blocks and build a tower for him. Immediately he flaps his arms and his eye grown wide. He kicks his legs back and forth which is what he does when he is excited. Then, he grabs the tower and knocks it over. He is happy once again.

Despair Causing Distractions

~ Lexi and I are having some nice "Mommy and Lexi" time as Kenny takes a nap. Not far into our playing, Kenny begins to fuss. I know that he is not ready to wake up and will probably fall back to sleep on his own. But Lexi completely forgets about our playing and says, "Oh Kenny is awake!", and runs to see him. He doesn't go back to sleep.

~ Lexi says, "I need to go Potty!" so off we go to the bathroom. When we get there, she spots my makeup back and the notion of going potty goes down the drain. She carts off my bag instead.

So, to show you my easily distracted mind, I am going to have a random conglomeration of pictures next! Ha ha!

Carl is so sweet! He randomly surprised me yesterday with this loverly assembly.

Lexi and Kenny hanging out in the playpen.

Here Kenny looks like me . .

And two seconds later he looks just like Carl! Crazy . . .

Lexi committed another mess making crime. Here we have our radio, covered in baby powder.

Lexi and Parker on a vacuuming craze!

And last of all, a video to show how sweet it is when Lexi makes Kenny laugh!

Family Pix

Family Pix