Monday, September 15, 2008

"To Do" Lists

Lexi has a "To Do" List every day. And she follows it to a "T"! Here is what it entails . . .

1. Make the biggest mess possible.
2. Demand more treats than is healthy.
3. Be noisy!
4. Mess up hair no matter how many times Momma does it.
5. Debate with Momma over how much T.V. is allowed.
6. Be a nudist as often as possible.
7. Drive Momma Crazy!!!!

She also has another "To Do". One which I like a lot better . . .

1. Give Momma a kiss and a hug.
2. Tell Momma, Daddy and Kenny you love them.
3. Make Kenny laugh.
4. Laugh yourself silly!
5. Go Potty. (Momma is so glad!)
6. Be Momma's helper. (Uhh . . . not always so glad)
7. Dance.

Kenny has a "To Do" list as well. Thankfully, he doesn't have as many mischievous acts to fulfill . . .

1. Be held by Momma as much as she can manage.
2. Eat a lot!
3. Grow.
4. Grab everything in sight and eat it!
5. Sharpen teeth on Momma and Daddy's fingers.
6. Laugh self silly!
7. Fill many diapers.
8. Sleep at random.
9. Deprive Momma of sleep.
10. Smile

Both of my little Kidlets drive me crazy, and then they turn around and make me so happy and delighted to be their mother! It's all part of motherhood!

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The Terrell Family said...

I always get a kick out of your posts. All two year-olds must have a similar agenda.

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