Friday, September 19, 2008

Potty Train(ed) . . .

"No, I'm not a Potty Train."

Oh dear Potty, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways . . .
(according to Lexi )

# 1. I Love to Flush Down Thee. . .
~A pair of panties
~The bathtub plug
~A comb
~A whole roll of toilet paper

# 2. I Love to Wash in Thee. . .
~My hands
~My stuffed animals
~Mommies clothes

# 3. And I Love to Use Thee!
~(Because I get treats . . .)

Yep, Lexi loves the potty, methinks. There are so many benefits that come with it. Treats and a whole lotta fun! For her, that is. Not for me I'm afraid.

But she is potty trained, and we are so very, very glad! For a while there I thought it would never happen. Well, not until she was 3 of so! But she did it! And we are, like I said, so very very glad! She still needs a diaper for night, but I suppose the staying dry at night will come later. (I hope, I hope!)

Well, the truth of that matter is, we all really love the potty! For without it, we would all still be using outhouses! Ha!

Gotta love the Potty.

Time for Pix!

Kenny really enjoyed the sand at Chestnut Ridge Park

Carrot Top . . .?

Daddy kisses

I feel a sneeze coming on . . .

Lexi can't resist!

Kisses from Lexi

Another Oreo cookie thief!
(He stole them from my stash when I sat him on the floor before I realized how close the stash was! And yes, I know he isn't supposed to have chocolate yet. I took them away shortly.)

Chompin' on a swing . . .

So, so happy!

(There is a shortage of Lexi pix in this entry. Ooops! We will have more of her next time!)

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mom said...

court - that first pic of lexi is so sweet - it's one of my favorites i've ever seen of her. kenny is growing up so fast! he's looking like a little boy more and more instead of a baby! (and i think he is going to have red hair.) i really liked what you've written about the potty and especially about their to-do lists. you're doing a great job!



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