Sunday, September 7, 2008


Here is a crazy and somewhat worrisome thought for all you Mommies out there . . . . Someday our kids are going to get married!

*Pause of shock*

Someday, this little person(s) who depends on me for so much, isn't going to need me in the same way anymore! They will go to another for comfort and ask for this others opinion over mine! They might move across the country, and if they choose particularly unwisely, their significant other might not like me! (No wonder there are lots of problems with in-laws. It's *somewhat* understandable!)

I never thought it made sense when I heard of people not getting along with their Mother or Father-in-law. I thought everyone should be able to just get along easily. But now that I have kids and am starting to understand the great task it is to give away ones child (metaphorically speaking), I wonder if I will have problems with my future son and daughter-in-laws.

Well, I guess that is a bridge that I will just have to cross in, oh, about 20 years!

Who's ready for some pix? . . . .

Here is my sweet little Kenny-Blue-Eyes.

Lexi loves to read (or something like it).

Kenny looks so, so good in blue!

"Do I like my cereal, or not?"

This might by Kenny's expression when Lexi clunks him on the head.

Carl's B-day was many moons ago (Aug. 4th, to be exact).
Who loves that crazy cake? (Lexi helped, of course).

"Put it on now . . ."

"Gimmie, gimmie!"

Sweet little chub.


Emy5 said...

Hey fingers crossed for good in laws. They might even be great friends. Here's hopin'

Cute kiddie pics and great cake.

Michelle said...

Oh, your pictures are so precious!! Kenny is such an adorable little chub, and Lexi seems so big and grown up! I never cease to be in awe and amazement when I consider how vastly life changes (for the better) with motherhood. It's weird for me to imagine a time when Weston wasn't there - and yet just a few years ago, you and I were roommates in college, dancing on the table of our apartment with nothing but the Christmas lights on!!

Michelle said...

oh, sorry - I meant to mention to you the wonderful brand of Fruit and Veggie Rinse I use. It is called Sunsmile Fruit and Vegetable Rinse, and it is a Sunrider product. I order it because it is so versatile. It disinfects and is non-toxic so I use it on cuts and owies, as well as cleaning. (and of course, washing my fruits and veggies too)

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