Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Pictures and Thoughts

Well, to start off, I am going to just say that I think it is quite ironic that I love the internet so much, and yet can become depressed from spending too much time on it. Who else feels the same way? It has become a whole new method of socializing that has many pros. But with those pros come many cons. It allows us to socialize without having to get off of our buttocks; it helps us get past our fear of rejection because, heck, we don't even have to see their face! But it also makes life more lonely, because, like stated before, we don't see others. We just type into a computer what we are feeling. It lacks the real, true human connection, and I think that I why I often feel dissatisfied after being on the net and attempting to socialize. It just doesn't cut it! It's not real. (If you agree/disagree, tell me in the comment section. I would love to hear everyones point of view! Lets start a discussion!)

Okay, now it is time for pix!

A couple of days ago I did a "photo shoot" of the kids. I can hardly call it a photo shoot though, because I am a very amature photographer, if that. Anyhoo, here are the pictures that were produced that day. . .

Kenny tries to grab the camera . . .

And gets frustrated! . . .

But I still got a smile!

Lexi is a bit more tricky . . .

Just gotta keep her busy.

I love Kenny's belly and Lexi's big hug!

Lexi hamming it up, as always.

Handsome boy!

Here we have a blanket that I made for a dear friend who is about to have a baby girl. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but now I think it is quite lovely.

Detail . . .

Full view.

I have been told to try selling these, and am thinking about it. Do you think that would be a good idea?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changin' ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
Mmm mmm, I don't know.
Mmm mmm.

Well I've been 'fraid of changin'
'Cause I build my life around you,
But time makes you bolder, children get older,
I'm getting older too,
I'm getting older too.

This song by Fleetwood Mac depicts very well the nostalgic feeling I have been having lately as I remeniss back to years before. Before I met Carl, before I was married, before Lexi and then Kenny came swiftly into my life. As I see the seasons change, and me and my children change, I realize how fleeting these days are. Just last Fall it was just me and Lexi on the walks (with Kenny inside me) and she was so different then. I was different then. Kenny has already been here for 7 months, and he is so different from how he was before. Can I weather all of these changes in my life? How much will I miss the sweet little children gone to the adults they will become? My life as a mother is rushing past, and I can't stop it. All the more reason to enjoy all the time I do have to love and cuddle my sweet little ones while they are still little.

In many ways I am afraid of change. I have built my life around these two little ones who need me so much. But time does make you bolder, and more ready to let go and allow them to become who they are meant to be.

I can weather these changes in my life, and savor them too! But I will feel nostalgic whenever I feel Fall around the corner and see the Seasons, of our life and of the earth, change us all.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Potty Train(ed) . . .

"No, I'm not a Potty Train."

Oh dear Potty, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways . . .
(according to Lexi )

# 1. I Love to Flush Down Thee. . .
~A pair of panties
~The bathtub plug
~A comb
~A whole roll of toilet paper

# 2. I Love to Wash in Thee. . .
~My hands
~My stuffed animals
~Mommies clothes

# 3. And I Love to Use Thee!
~(Because I get treats . . .)

Yep, Lexi loves the potty, methinks. There are so many benefits that come with it. Treats and a whole lotta fun! For her, that is. Not for me I'm afraid.

But she is potty trained, and we are so very, very glad! For a while there I thought it would never happen. Well, not until she was 3 of so! But she did it! And we are, like I said, so very very glad! She still needs a diaper for night, but I suppose the staying dry at night will come later. (I hope, I hope!)

Well, the truth of that matter is, we all really love the potty! For without it, we would all still be using outhouses! Ha!

Gotta love the Potty.

Time for Pix!

Kenny really enjoyed the sand at Chestnut Ridge Park

Carrot Top . . .?

Daddy kisses

I feel a sneeze coming on . . .

Lexi can't resist!

Kisses from Lexi

Another Oreo cookie thief!
(He stole them from my stash when I sat him on the floor before I realized how close the stash was! And yes, I know he isn't supposed to have chocolate yet. I took them away shortly.)

Chompin' on a swing . . .

So, so happy!

(There is a shortage of Lexi pix in this entry. Ooops! We will have more of her next time!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

"To Do" Lists

Lexi has a "To Do" List every day. And she follows it to a "T"! Here is what it entails . . .

1. Make the biggest mess possible.
2. Demand more treats than is healthy.
3. Be noisy!
4. Mess up hair no matter how many times Momma does it.
5. Debate with Momma over how much T.V. is allowed.
6. Be a nudist as often as possible.
7. Drive Momma Crazy!!!!

She also has another "To Do". One which I like a lot better . . .

1. Give Momma a kiss and a hug.
2. Tell Momma, Daddy and Kenny you love them.
3. Make Kenny laugh.
4. Laugh yourself silly!
5. Go Potty. (Momma is so glad!)
6. Be Momma's helper. (Uhh . . . not always so glad)
7. Dance.

Kenny has a "To Do" list as well. Thankfully, he doesn't have as many mischievous acts to fulfill . . .

1. Be held by Momma as much as she can manage.
2. Eat a lot!
3. Grow.
4. Grab everything in sight and eat it!
5. Sharpen teeth on Momma and Daddy's fingers.
6. Laugh self silly!
7. Fill many diapers.
8. Sleep at random.
9. Deprive Momma of sleep.
10. Smile

Both of my little Kidlets drive me crazy, and then they turn around and make me so happy and delighted to be their mother! It's all part of motherhood!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Here is a crazy and somewhat worrisome thought for all you Mommies out there . . . . Someday our kids are going to get married!

*Pause of shock*

Someday, this little person(s) who depends on me for so much, isn't going to need me in the same way anymore! They will go to another for comfort and ask for this others opinion over mine! They might move across the country, and if they choose particularly unwisely, their significant other might not like me! (No wonder there are lots of problems with in-laws. It's *somewhat* understandable!)

I never thought it made sense when I heard of people not getting along with their Mother or Father-in-law. I thought everyone should be able to just get along easily. But now that I have kids and am starting to understand the great task it is to give away ones child (metaphorically speaking), I wonder if I will have problems with my future son and daughter-in-laws.

Well, I guess that is a bridge that I will just have to cross in, oh, about 20 years!

Who's ready for some pix? . . . .

Here is my sweet little Kenny-Blue-Eyes.

Lexi loves to read (or something like it).

Kenny looks so, so good in blue!

"Do I like my cereal, or not?"

This might by Kenny's expression when Lexi clunks him on the head.

Carl's B-day was many moons ago (Aug. 4th, to be exact).
Who loves that crazy cake? (Lexi helped, of course).

"Put it on now . . ."

"Gimmie, gimmie!"

Sweet little chub.

Family Pix

Family Pix