Friday, August 22, 2008

What a Day!

"If life is a bowl of cherries, what am I doing in the pits?"
-Erma Bombeck (American humor writer)

Okay, so this is how a lot of my day felt today. Why was this day worse than others? Kenny has been teething lately and Lexi can be downright mean to him and disobedient to me when she doesn't get the attention she craves. And so, instead of having a mildly grumpy baby, I get a supremely unhappy little guy whenever big sister decides she is mad at him. And then I get mad at Lexi and then she throws a tantrum and yada yada yada . . . The pits. And to top it all off, I don't have a car and Carl works (keeping the car) until 8:20.

Most of the day has gone decently well. But when we went to the Library, Lexi decided to jump at Kenny and knock him down when he was sitting. And since she jumped, he hit his head pretty hard. So he had a big crying fit, of course. Poor little guy! And so I needed to punish Lexi for hurting Kenny (by taking away her CareBear). Which resulted in her making noise as well. We got outta there pretty fast, although I wasn't going to leave without my books! : )

Things calmed down until after our supposed "nap" time (which never really happened). It never happened because Lexi just made a giant mess in her room for an hour and Kenny wanted to stay up with me. He was really cute and sweet for a few minutes though! Then he got grouchy again. So, I had no much needed break! After talking with a friend on the phone for a few minutes I thought maybe I would let my kids have an early bath since they love them so much, and then maybe I could have a little break while I sat in the bathroom supervising. But then Lexi decided to pinch Kenny. So I yanked her out of the tub and was sending to her room when I realized that Kenny suddenly stopped making any noise. Horrified, I ran back to the bathroom to find that he had tipped over and was on his stomach with his head elevated trying not to breath in any water. I fished him out of the tub as fast as I could and tried to comfort him while he wailed apoplectically. By this time, my heart was racing and I was about as mad as I could be. Not so much because of Kenny , but because of all the frustration. I wanted to punch the wall, which is so not me! So, wrapping Kenny in a towel, I laid him in his baby seat so that I could step into my bedroom to cool off. Quickly the anger melted into tears and I just wanted to have a good cry. But Kenny was still crying himself, so I went back to him. I then started nursing him, which calmed him down. Then I had Lexi return to her room to try once more to take a nap (and to let me recuperate and regroup brain cells :) ) I let her out in 15 min. and by the Kenny was happy and peaceful again as was Lexi.

These are some of the thought that were going through my head today:
~ "If I can't manage two children, how am I going to be able to manage any more!"
~ "I am a terrible mother."
~ "What was I thinking leaving Kenny in the tub for even a second?"
~ "I need more patience with Lexi. Why don't I have more?"
~ "I hate my house." (random, I know)

I hope I don't have many more days like this, but maybe I will just learn to weather them better in the future. However, I know I am not alone in days like these. Or thoughts like these (unfortunately). Who else has survived a dreadful day full of "the pits"?


Julia Kelly said...

I have survived many days of 'the pits.' But, those really terrible bad days make the good ones that much better. Hope tomorrow is a better one for you!

Michelle said...

Oh Courtnie!! I have had many of those same thoughts myself. Sometimes I worry if I'll ever be able to handle more than 2 kids! I guess you just do whatever you have to... and sometimes that means rewarding yourself at night after everyone goes to sleep with some chocolatey treat and a foot rub. (although that usually takes persuading the hubby :) Anyways, love you and hope you are feeling better!

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