Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Phone conversations just aren't the same anymore ! . .

And why, one might ask? Since the arrival of two children, every aspect of my life has changed, as it should. However, I will never have an uninterrupted conversation on the phone again! (Well, not when my kids are awake!!!) So . . . here is how it usually goes:

*Rrrring! Rrrrring!*

Me: "Hello? Oh, Hi Mom! How are you?" (Lexi runs past me with no clothes on.) "Uh . . . hold on, okay?"

Me: (Chasing Lexi down and catching her amidst her loud protests) "You have to wear clothes. Hold still or you are going to sit on a chair!" (I wrestle her into her clothes and then set her free.)

~3 mintues later~

Me: "Okay Mom, I'm back. Lexi thinks she can be a nudist! Ha ha, I know. Blah blah blah . . ."

~ 1 minute goes by~

Kenny: "Waaaahh!!!"

Me: "Lexi! No, no!! Don't squash Kenny. (Lexi lays on Kenny while he is having tummy time.) Hang on, Mom."

Lexi: "I Love Tenny!"

Me: (Prying Lexi off of a now grouchy Kenny.) "I do too, but you can't lay on Kenny. He doesn't like it. Why don't you go play with blocks?" (I get Lexi set with some blocks and she plays happily. I set Kenny up next to her and he is happy at the moment too! Hooray!!!)

Me: "Alright, I'm back. Sorry Mom! So, what happened at the office today? . . ."

~4 minutes later~

Lexi: "I want graham crackers and milk!" (very small pause) "I WANT GRAHAM CRACKERS AND MILK!!!" (Lexi marches into the kitchen and begins raiding the fridge.)

Me: *Sigh* "Mom, can you hold on again?"

Me: "Lexi, you need to ask nicely. Can you say please?"

Lexi: "Pwease?" (Lexi receives her Graham crackers and milk and eats contentedly. I finish my conversation quickly because Kenny is starting to fuss.)

Total Time Lapsed: 10 min. of conversation + 8 min. of interruptions = 18 minutes! We almost made it to 20! Wheew!

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mom said...

court - funny! and so true! this too shall pass, and when it does lots of wonderful things will pass with it. i'm glad you can laugh at the weirdnesses of this stage. (all the stages have their own weirdnesses to laugh at!)

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