Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Good Laugh!

I think it is time for a good laugh. So I am going to tell everyone a super-duper FUNNY story. It stars Lexi and Kenny, although Kenny doesn't do anything but sleep. Through the whole thing! . . .

Lexi the Artist

Once upon a time there was a little 2 year old named Alexandra. She went by Lexi. Lexi had a new little brother who was 2 months old. His name was Kenneth. He went by Kenny.

Lexi loved Kenny very much, but she was very curious. She noticed that he had something that she didn't. Mommy explained to her that only boys have them. She told Lexi they were "Winkie"s.

Lexi was fascinated with Kenny's Winkie, but thought that it needed a little improvement. So one day when Daddy was 'supposed' to be watching, Lexi got in Mommy's makeup and took out her mascara. Daddy still wasn't paying attention, so Lexi unsnapped Kenny's jammies and opened his diaper. (Kenny, fully exposed in front of his sister, couldn't have cared less. He was fast asleep and a fog horn couldn't have woken him up!) Lexi found her medium, and began painting.

30 seconds later Mommy came out of the bathroom to find Lexi and Kenny on the bed. And what an appalling site greeted her! Kenny, in sweet slumber, had a black Winkie, covered completely in mascara!!!!

(No, I didn't take pictures. Should I? Or would it have embarrassed the kids later in life?)

Lexi has hereby created a new art. Winkie Painting!

And now I will post pix.

Lexi and her BF Parker splashing in puddles.

I love this pix I took at Valley Falls. (Lexi calls it "Family Falls." Ha!)

Lexi and Kenny are so cute!

I also love this pix of Lexi. So full of character!

Here is my handsome devil! So cute and fat!

Lexi likes to take pix now too!

Father and Son play ball for the first time.


Baloney said...

These pictures are soooo cute. Little Kenny is such a lovebug! And Lexi, what a doll! You always have her hair so cute, I love it!!!

Erin and Steve said...

the winkie story made me laugh out loud! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Awww, aren't them picchures all cootsey-wootsey? You're hubbie looksa-like a doofus. You should marry me instead. Run away with me, darling? I'll take you to a land where all winkies are painted. *does that thing where the eyebrows go up and down all smexy-like and suggestive*

Family Pix

Family Pix