Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Breaking Dawn

What did I think of this book? Well, brace yourselves, Twilight fans. I was sorely disappointed! The whole climax fell with a big, fat "FLOP!" What the heck? As a matter of fact, there was no climax!! Stephanie Meyer is a great writer, but I felt like she rushed the ending and didn't give it the right and proper resolution. She puffed it up like a balloon about to pop, and then, "THHhhbbbbbsssss . . . ." It deflated! No big boom, no pizzaz, no nothin'!! What kind of ending was that??? I felt like I had wasted my money when I finished.

There were too many other conflicts that she set up and never smoothed out. What happened with Leah? And Jacob's pack? And did Jacob go back to school? Did anybody else feel cheated that Jane got to walk away?

I felt like there were so many cliches all over the place, but there's no need to go into that!!!

The mushy romance (which was really just infatuation) was getting really old to me. Eventually you get a brain again, and then you find out what real love is! Which doesn't involve panting over good looks and being ready to faint all the time! I love my romance as much as anybody else, but this is just pish-posh!

And why, oh why did she have Jacob imprint on Renesme???? I think that Jacob and Leah should have been together. That would have been perfect.

I also think that Stephnie Meyer must be Masochistic. She seems to be turned on by violence. Weird.

And last of all, I wish that Bella would have learned to be happy with herself as a human before she became a vampire. That would have been better, and healthier for her!

Okay, all done. No more bashing on a book that I still enjoyed reading, despite all of my criticisms. So, hopefully nobody is too upset (Celeste? That means you!) This is just my opinion, after all!


pincici said...

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3 . . .

Anonymous said...

psshh... whatever courtnie! you just wish that you were a vampire chick and had a werewolf panting over you! lol i love this book!!! but mom agrees, she does seem to be masochistic. and as for the climax...it was an AWESOME climax!! what did you want to happen? all of the volturi get wiped out and have a big bloody battle? maybe you're just sadistic. =) lol, luv you, even though you have poor taste in books, bye!
celeste, the best, in the north, east, south, and west!!!

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