Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why Do I Need a Title? . . .

Well, I think it is about time for more pictures, but I can't think of any jaunty title to go with them. So what! Who needs a title, anyway? Ha! : ) j/k

We love to go to the Park! Isn't Lexi sweet with chunky little Kenny?

Kenny loves the rocks at the park! He is so so so so cute!

Here Kenny is in his walker and making silly faces. He pulls faces whenever I pull out Nikon!
Just like his Daddy!

I love Lexi and her silly self!

2 cuties in a bucket! One with a pineapple tummy, the other with a roly-poly tummy!

Who is else is loving these Olympics? I think the Men's Gymnastics are amazing! The Women's Gymnastics are seriously awesome as well. I just love it all!!!


Grant and Cami said...

Your kids are so cute Court!

stonehill said...

Such fun pictures Courtnie! We enjoy seeing them. It really helps keep us up to date on your fast growing little ones.
G&G Morley

The Terrell Family said...

I love those pictures.

Michelle said...

soooooooo sweet! I especially love the two cuties in a bucket. I can't get enough of those tummy rolls! Baby chub has to be on the top ten list of most irresistable things in the world. I used to always put Weston in the Baby Bjorn when we'd go shopping, and I cannot even count the number of times people would stop to ask if they could touch his chunky soft little legs. Funny, huh? How old are your little munchkins now?

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