Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thoughts On . . .

First of all, many thanks to the 2 of you that actually commented! I feel, uh . . . I feel . . . so much better? Actually, it is nice to know that some people do enjoy my blog. And I do know that some people tried to comment, and, well, it didn't work. Seriously though, I shouldn't really care. This is more like an on-line journal, so I will keep doing what I am doing and print off my entries someday. It is all good, and I guess some of it is for me afterall!

So . . .What are my Thought On?

Gee, I dunno. All I know is that Dr. Cid, a very nice guy I work with, said that I should post some of my opinions. But here I am thinking, who cares what my opinions are? Right? Well, I suppose that doesn't really matter. So here are 5 of my opinions:

1. Not a fan of Pres. Bush. Used to like him, now I think he is rather dense. (Please forgive me, Bush fans!)

2. Don't think we need to really worry about Global Warming, Overpopulation, or cutting down too many trees. But I definetly think we should do our part to make the world a better place to live. By being less wasteful, recycling what we can and trying to consume less.

3. I think there are lots of government conspiracies that we don't know about. I have been converted to the "dark side" of belief in conspiracy theory. (I know, I know. "Weirdo!")

4. Family should always come first! How we apply this principle isn't for others to judge. (I definetly need to remember this!)

5. I think we all need to accept others differences more, especially in the Morman culture. We get a little to caught up in comparing ourselves and being waaaay to competitive about who keeps all the commandments and does just what the prophet says. Now wait a minute! Don't get too upset yet! First of all, keep in mind that I am not saying I am better than anybody else when it comes to understanding this. I am just as bad as anybody else out there, if not worse. I am saying this to remind myself just as much as anyone else who might be reading this (the few
of you :) ). But really, did God give us commandments and such so that we could compare and compete and get prideful about it? I am pretty sure that wasn't what he had in mind. It's the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law. If someone really thinks they are doing what is right, how can they be condemned?

Wheew. That wasn't quite as fluffy as my usual posts. I bet many will skip right over it and get right to the good stuff. Pictures! Here they are:

Isn't Kenny so cute? !? He is starting to use the walker a little bit. His first time, shown here, left him a bit befuddled.

Lexi takes after Carl and enjoys a good vacuuming session now and then.

Lexi and her cutie cousin Crystal.

Lexi, Kenny and their Craddock cousins who came for a visit recently. Lexi isn't a fan of picture taking, as you can see!

Ha ha! This one is stricktly for my sister, Celeste's benefit. And anyone else who loves to laugh!

Well, I suppose that is all for tonight. My public of 2, I bid you all farewell!

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celeste-a-roo said...

thank you, thank you for that MAH-velous photo of me! you truly know how to show off my inner beauty!! lol thanks!

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