Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey to all mothers out there! Whether you currently in the profession, are a mother to be, or a mother at heart, this post is for you!!! But more specifically, this post is for my mother. So, to begin, here is my . . .

Ode to Mothers

The mother is the medium through which
the primitive infant transforms himself
into a civilzed human being.
~ Beata Rank

There is no influence so powerful
as that of the mother.
~Sara Josepha Hale

I've got more children than I can
rightly take care of.
But I aint got more than
I can love.
~Ossie Guffy

I looked on child rearing not only as a work of
love and duty but as a profession that was fully as
interesting and challenging as any honorable profession in
the world and one that demanded the best that I could bring to it.
~ Rose Kennedy

I agree with all of these statements. Without my mother, my life would be a lot harder. Sure, life would go on. It has to. But mothers really do make life sweeter.

Motherhood is being attacked and degraded these days. It is being pushed to the lowest level. And it should not be!!! Motherhood is far more than dirty diapers and dirty dishes! It is learning to love without holding back. Learning to love when it is hard to feel loved. It is about being there to calm fears and dry little tears (as cheesy as it sounds . . .). Motherhood is all about the expansion of love and about giving, forever giving, of oneself, and learning selflessness. In essence, ladies, motherhood is extreemly close to godhood! What more noble thing can one do than to help little human beings adjust to the world, as scary as it is? To help them learn to navigate throughout life without too many bumps and bruises?

Where would we all be without our mothers?

When I am feeling low, nothing makes me feel better, like a bubble bath and a massage, than to talk to my mom about it. And who is a better confidence booster than a mother who always wants to believe the best of her children? I
always get a boost from my mom.

My mother has been through rough times, but she is a very strong person. She does what she has to do. She gets the job done, and then cries (if a good cry is in order). She is a great example. She is beautiful inside and out. She loves her children deeply and has a great deal of loyalty.

I hope to keep the legacy of good mothering going and be as good a mom to my children as my mom has been to me and my siblings.

Mom(s), I love you! Thank you for what you(all) do!

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