Monday, July 28, 2008

Asthma Attack!

Man, do I hate asthma. Of all the ailments out there, I think this is in the top ten of the Most Wretched! It is really scary when you can't breath well and have to think about it every waking moment. All you asthma sufferers out there, I sure feel for you now! It came on so suddenly too! I was fine on Saturday, just coughing a little bit. By Sat. evening I have a terrible runny nose and cough with a sore throat. But nothing that worried me too much, just allergies, I thought. When I woke up Sunday morning, I was having some difficulty getting a breath, and as the early-morning progressed to mid-morning I had full blown, scary asthma!

Carl went to his church meeting that he had to go to (just 1 hour long), so I stayed home with the kids. And this was no fun, not at all. I couldn't even walk 6 feet across the room without getting winded and feeling dizzy. At one point all of us were tearful/crying. I started to panic when it got to a point where I had take a breath every second. But it got better from being that bad soon. Still, I had to think about making sure I was getting enough air all day long and I didn't eat a thing. At night I couldn't sleep well, but managed. I got about 5 hours of sleep. And to top it all off, I broke my glasses too! What a dreadful day.

Today, after much deliberation, I went to the doctor. Why all the deliberating? I am not insured. Yeah . . . I know. However, I still was bad off, and I needed some relief! We tried lots of things yesterday, but they just didn't cut it. So I got the nebulizer treatment and my oxygen levels went from 92 to 97! I got an inhaler and medications. I am not big on taking meds, but something had to be done so I could function once again.

Anyway, I feel much better now. Not back 100%, but much better.

Positive side of the whole ordeal? : A greater appreciation for the luxury of breathing! More sympathy for asthma sufferers and a realization of how good I really have it! Oh, and the doctor I went to gave me a discount too! Yay!

Now for the really good stuff. Pix!

This was about a month ago, isn't he cute and chubby?

I just love those short, stubby legs!

Baffy time for Lexi and Kenny. Lexi can be a real ham at times!

Kenny learned to suck his thumb while we were in Utah. Isn't it sweet?

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Michelle said...

Your pictures are absolutely darling!! I am so sorry to hear about your asthma. It sounds absolutely dreadful, and I'm sorry you had to go through that. I understand completely the dilema of not wanting to go to the doctor (both because of the no insurance situation and also just general opposition to taking meds), but sometimes you just have to. I am so happy that we both have blogs - it is making it so much easier to keep in touch! By the way, I cannot believe how big Kenny is getting. How old is he now?

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