Monday, July 14, 2008

About Me

Hey, maybe I am not that interesting, but I feel like talking about me! That's right, me. Do I sound self centered, or what? Well, I like reading the tags where people have to talk about themselves and their quirks. But nobody is gonna tag me because I am not friends with many bloggers. A few, but not many. So, I am going to do it without being tagged! *Gasp* The absurdity! Heh . . well, here goes:

Ten Interesting Things About Me
1. I have not met a soul with worse eyesight than me. (Unless they are blind, of course. :) )
2. Carl was my first (real) boyfriend.
3. I had both my kids naturally. Kenny in a bathtub. Lexi with Pitocin, unfortunately, so she wasn't completely natural.
4. I am a dental assistant and still work on Tuesday nights.
5. I love to sew clothes. Carl still wears a button down shirt I made him before we got married.
6. I love to make cards. But don't enjoy scrapbooking.
7. I am at WVU @ 11:00 at night typing all this since my internet is down. Am I crazy, or what?
8. I love to sing opera and have to admit that I really am a dang good singer!
9. And I better be, since I took voice lessons for 7 years!
10. Have no talent when it comes to fashion. Sometimes Carl tells me that what I am wearing doesn't work. And my mom and sister have takens some pieces of clothing that I loved and torn them up! I guess I loved these clothes so much they were getting a little threadbear.
Okay that is all. It is late! Taa taa!
P.S. One last interesting thing about me. I am a Mormon and spelled it wrong in my last entry! (Morman) How about that?!?


The Terrell Family said...

Thanks for the insights into you!!

Michelle said...

Courtnie!! I love your blog and your little munchkins are cuter than ever!!! I remember that shirt you made for Carl and think it is so cute and funny that you wrote about it! :) I just started our blog so I am thrilled to see yours. I am still working on making ours beautiful, but hey, at least I finally started. I hope you are having a fantastic summer. Love you!

Julia Kelly said...

Hey I found your blog through Alisha's and had to say hi. Fun finally meeting you the other day. :) We go to that park pretty often, so I'll have to call you next time we go.

BTW, cute blog!

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