Monday, July 28, 2008

Asthma Attack!

Man, do I hate asthma. Of all the ailments out there, I think this is in the top ten of the Most Wretched! It is really scary when you can't breath well and have to think about it every waking moment. All you asthma sufferers out there, I sure feel for you now! It came on so suddenly too! I was fine on Saturday, just coughing a little bit. By Sat. evening I have a terrible runny nose and cough with a sore throat. But nothing that worried me too much, just allergies, I thought. When I woke up Sunday morning, I was having some difficulty getting a breath, and as the early-morning progressed to mid-morning I had full blown, scary asthma!

Carl went to his church meeting that he had to go to (just 1 hour long), so I stayed home with the kids. And this was no fun, not at all. I couldn't even walk 6 feet across the room without getting winded and feeling dizzy. At one point all of us were tearful/crying. I started to panic when it got to a point where I had take a breath every second. But it got better from being that bad soon. Still, I had to think about making sure I was getting enough air all day long and I didn't eat a thing. At night I couldn't sleep well, but managed. I got about 5 hours of sleep. And to top it all off, I broke my glasses too! What a dreadful day.

Today, after much deliberation, I went to the doctor. Why all the deliberating? I am not insured. Yeah . . . I know. However, I still was bad off, and I needed some relief! We tried lots of things yesterday, but they just didn't cut it. So I got the nebulizer treatment and my oxygen levels went from 92 to 97! I got an inhaler and medications. I am not big on taking meds, but something had to be done so I could function once again.

Anyway, I feel much better now. Not back 100%, but much better.

Positive side of the whole ordeal? : A greater appreciation for the luxury of breathing! More sympathy for asthma sufferers and a realization of how good I really have it! Oh, and the doctor I went to gave me a discount too! Yay!

Now for the really good stuff. Pix!

This was about a month ago, isn't he cute and chubby?

I just love those short, stubby legs!

Baffy time for Lexi and Kenny. Lexi can be a real ham at times!

Kenny learned to suck his thumb while we were in Utah. Isn't it sweet?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey to all mothers out there! Whether you currently in the profession, are a mother to be, or a mother at heart, this post is for you!!! But more specifically, this post is for my mother. So, to begin, here is my . . .

Ode to Mothers

The mother is the medium through which
the primitive infant transforms himself
into a civilzed human being.
~ Beata Rank

There is no influence so powerful
as that of the mother.
~Sara Josepha Hale

I've got more children than I can
rightly take care of.
But I aint got more than
I can love.
~Ossie Guffy

I looked on child rearing not only as a work of
love and duty but as a profession that was fully as
interesting and challenging as any honorable profession in
the world and one that demanded the best that I could bring to it.
~ Rose Kennedy

I agree with all of these statements. Without my mother, my life would be a lot harder. Sure, life would go on. It has to. But mothers really do make life sweeter.

Motherhood is being attacked and degraded these days. It is being pushed to the lowest level. And it should not be!!! Motherhood is far more than dirty diapers and dirty dishes! It is learning to love without holding back. Learning to love when it is hard to feel loved. It is about being there to calm fears and dry little tears (as cheesy as it sounds . . .). Motherhood is all about the expansion of love and about giving, forever giving, of oneself, and learning selflessness. In essence, ladies, motherhood is extreemly close to godhood! What more noble thing can one do than to help little human beings adjust to the world, as scary as it is? To help them learn to navigate throughout life without too many bumps and bruises?

Where would we all be without our mothers?

When I am feeling low, nothing makes me feel better, like a bubble bath and a massage, than to talk to my mom about it. And who is a better confidence booster than a mother who always wants to believe the best of her children? I
always get a boost from my mom.

My mother has been through rough times, but she is a very strong person. She does what she has to do. She gets the job done, and then cries (if a good cry is in order). She is a great example. She is beautiful inside and out. She loves her children deeply and has a great deal of loyalty.

I hope to keep the legacy of good mothering going and be as good a mom to my children as my mom has been to me and my siblings.

Mom(s), I love you! Thank you for what you(all) do!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hubby Tag!

Well, whaddaya know? I've been tagged! It is called the "Hubby Tag", and is therefore all about my man! Here goes:

1. What is his name? Carl Byron Clegg

2. Who eats more? Carl, unless I am pregnant. Then it is pretty close!

3. Who said "I love you" first? Carl. I almost did but stopped myself because I wanted him to first.

4. Who is taller? Depends on whose hair is bigger that day! :) In other words, we are about the same height.

5. Who is smarter? What a question! Carl is definetly more well worded and booksmart, but I have plenty of smarts in other areas.

6. Who is more sensitive? Me.

7. Who does the laundry? Me, of course. And most of the time, I actually enjoy it. The trick is to do it while "watching" T.V. :)

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Who cares?

9. Who pays the bills? Carl

10. Who cooks more? It's about 50/50 right now.

11. What meals do you cook together? Uh . . . none.

12. Who is more stubborn? I think we are a match. We both are equally stubborn about certain things.

13. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Same as above. Sometimes Carl, and sometimes me.

14. Who has more siblings? I do. I have 7, and he has 5.

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Most of the time, I would have to say that Carl does. He likes to be in charge, and I am happy to let him take the lead. It works great for us!

16. What do you like to do together? Lay on the couch and whisper sweet nothings in each others ear. . uh, oops! . . not really. Most of the time we are just too darn tired! We snooze as soon as we hit the couch. However, we love to go for walks, take the kids to the park, enjoy our peace when the kids are in bed, go out to eat, watch 48 Hours Mystery and Last Comic Standing, visit family and debate over whose turn it is to sleep in! :)

17. Who eats more sweets? We both have a sweet tooth.

18. What is his guilty pleasure? Chocolate and reading strange books about unusual theories.

19. How did you meet? On the internet.

20. Who asked who out first? Carl asked me out.

21. Who kissed who first? Carl kissed me, but I let him know I wanted him to. I asked him when he was gonna get around to kissing me (with a little more tact, mind you), because we had gone out about 4 times and he hadn't done it yet. He kissed me the next time we went out. (He was my second kiss by they way. I wasn't usually this forward!)

22. Who proposed? Carl, of course. And I didn't ask him when he was getting around to it either! :) He took me on a hot air balloon ride, but decided not to do it then, since there were other passengers. So he took me into a wooded area in Provo Canyon and sat me down on a rock and asked me. I knew it was coming, and was ready to say, "Yes!"

23. His best features? There are too many, as I love them all. Here are a few that stand out. His hair, it sticks up no matter what; his lips, nice and full and his laugh. His laugh sounds like Goofy, the Disney character! :)

24. What is his greatest quality? He is always seeking knowledge and is very patient.

25. Tag: Who to tag? How about . . . Alisha and Julia

Monday, July 14, 2008

About Me

Hey, maybe I am not that interesting, but I feel like talking about me! That's right, me. Do I sound self centered, or what? Well, I like reading the tags where people have to talk about themselves and their quirks. But nobody is gonna tag me because I am not friends with many bloggers. A few, but not many. So, I am going to do it without being tagged! *Gasp* The absurdity! Heh . . well, here goes:

Ten Interesting Things About Me
1. I have not met a soul with worse eyesight than me. (Unless they are blind, of course. :) )
2. Carl was my first (real) boyfriend.
3. I had both my kids naturally. Kenny in a bathtub. Lexi with Pitocin, unfortunately, so she wasn't completely natural.
4. I am a dental assistant and still work on Tuesday nights.
5. I love to sew clothes. Carl still wears a button down shirt I made him before we got married.
6. I love to make cards. But don't enjoy scrapbooking.
7. I am at WVU @ 11:00 at night typing all this since my internet is down. Am I crazy, or what?
8. I love to sing opera and have to admit that I really am a dang good singer!
9. And I better be, since I took voice lessons for 7 years!
10. Have no talent when it comes to fashion. Sometimes Carl tells me that what I am wearing doesn't work. And my mom and sister have takens some pieces of clothing that I loved and torn them up! I guess I loved these clothes so much they were getting a little threadbear.
Okay that is all. It is late! Taa taa!
P.S. One last interesting thing about me. I am a Mormon and spelled it wrong in my last entry! (Morman) How about that?!?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thoughts On . . .

First of all, many thanks to the 2 of you that actually commented! I feel, uh . . . I feel . . . so much better? Actually, it is nice to know that some people do enjoy my blog. And I do know that some people tried to comment, and, well, it didn't work. Seriously though, I shouldn't really care. This is more like an on-line journal, so I will keep doing what I am doing and print off my entries someday. It is all good, and I guess some of it is for me afterall!

So . . .What are my Thought On?

Gee, I dunno. All I know is that Dr. Cid, a very nice guy I work with, said that I should post some of my opinions. But here I am thinking, who cares what my opinions are? Right? Well, I suppose that doesn't really matter. So here are 5 of my opinions:

1. Not a fan of Pres. Bush. Used to like him, now I think he is rather dense. (Please forgive me, Bush fans!)

2. Don't think we need to really worry about Global Warming, Overpopulation, or cutting down too many trees. But I definetly think we should do our part to make the world a better place to live. By being less wasteful, recycling what we can and trying to consume less.

3. I think there are lots of government conspiracies that we don't know about. I have been converted to the "dark side" of belief in conspiracy theory. (I know, I know. "Weirdo!")

4. Family should always come first! How we apply this principle isn't for others to judge. (I definetly need to remember this!)

5. I think we all need to accept others differences more, especially in the Morman culture. We get a little to caught up in comparing ourselves and being waaaay to competitive about who keeps all the commandments and does just what the prophet says. Now wait a minute! Don't get too upset yet! First of all, keep in mind that I am not saying I am better than anybody else when it comes to understanding this. I am just as bad as anybody else out there, if not worse. I am saying this to remind myself just as much as anyone else who might be reading this (the few
of you :) ). But really, did God give us commandments and such so that we could compare and compete and get prideful about it? I am pretty sure that wasn't what he had in mind. It's the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law. If someone really thinks they are doing what is right, how can they be condemned?

Wheew. That wasn't quite as fluffy as my usual posts. I bet many will skip right over it and get right to the good stuff. Pictures! Here they are:

Isn't Kenny so cute? !? He is starting to use the walker a little bit. His first time, shown here, left him a bit befuddled.

Lexi takes after Carl and enjoys a good vacuuming session now and then.

Lexi and her cutie cousin Crystal.

Lexi, Kenny and their Craddock cousins who came for a visit recently. Lexi isn't a fan of picture taking, as you can see!

Ha ha! This one is stricktly for my sister, Celeste's benefit. And anyone else who loves to laugh!

Well, I suppose that is all for tonight. My public of 2, I bid you all farewell!

Family Pix

Family Pix