Sunday, May 4, 2008

What I Love About My Man

"You handsome Devil!"

So, what do I love about Carl? Soooo much! He is very lovable . . . Ha ha! That doesn't quite sound like him, does it? But to me, he is. He has many interesting quirks that I find so charming or endearing, and I intend to name a few of them here today!

One thing he does that is quite odd, but endearing, is say, "Yarg!" LOL . . . Yeah, isn't that strange? Now I bet you are thinking, "What the heck?!?" Well, this is a very important word in his vocabulary. It can be an answer to any question and an intergection. He doesn't have colorful words for when he is frustrated, he just might let out a "Yarg!" And if I ask a question that he doesn't feel like answering, he might let out a, "Yarg!" Gotta love the "Yarg!" saying man.

I love how intelligent he is. He knows so much, and is always impressing me with his knowledge. And yet he isn't prideful because of it. He knows I am his equal, just not when it comes to his area of expertise. (I know a heck of a lot more than he does about teeth and singing!) And he treats me accordingly.

He is very logical and sensible, although sometimes this logical-ness gets in the way of being romantic. Not much, though. : ) But he could splurg on some flowers that aren't the cheapest, just to satisfy my unlogical side, right? Ehh, they'll just die in a few days anyway, right?

He is so confident! When I was a young college student, I used to think (quite stupidly) that I would never marry a guy that is shorter than 6 feet tall. But when I met Carl, I realized that he was much more attractive to me due to his confidence, not his height. And I love his short, stalky self. Confidence is really what matters, guys!

He has a goofy laugh. Quite literally! If anyone has heard his real laugh, they will think he sounds like Disney's Goofy character. When I first heard that laugh of his, I burst out laughing myself. But over a short amount of time, I came to love that laugh. It is the best kind. It makes you laugh too!

He also is great at making goofy faces!
He has an amazing sense of direction. Never gets lost, whereas I am the exact opposite. He takes crazy backroads and knows where to go without a worry. Makes me feel safe and secure!
He loves me, as crazy as that is! And lets me know it.
He thinks I am beautiful, as crazy as that is. Ha ha!

And last but not least, he is a great father. He loves playing with the kids, but he doesn't neglect the unpleasant side of parenting either. He helps Lexi use the potty (as she is potty training) and threatens the removal of her pillow if she won't go to bed. He loves his children dearly, and lets them know. And they do. : )

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