Monday, May 12, 2008

Virginia Beach

Ya Gotta Love the Beach!
*We sure do*

I mean, we better, right? After the truly insane trip we took just to spend 1/2 a day there, we better really love the beach.

So, how insane was this trip? Well, 3 adults and 2 small children (both in car seats) went on a 13 hour trip (including stops along the way) in a 2 door and 5 seated car. We were like Sardines in there. The drive out was pretty rough. The drive home was easier since we drove mostly at night. I got claustrophobia 10 min. from home, however, and we had to pull over a couple of times (surprised it didn't happen earlier!).
Was it worth it? I still don't know. Ask me next week . . . No, in all honesty I truly am quite glad we went. You have to take you little ones to the beach at least once!

I know, I know, this is a really unsavory picture of me. But hey, the wind was blowing quite fiercely and the sun was bright. You have to squint under those circumstances!

Here we have Lexi enjoying natures sandbox, the best kind ever! We made sandcastles, which she squashed; dug a hole, which she tripped in and made lots and lots of footprints!

Even though Kenny is far too young to really enjoy the beach, we gave him a little dip. He wasn't too keen on it, though.

We went on a "Get dose birdies!" chase. A necessary part of the whole beach experience.

Lexi and Carl had a jolly good time running along the surf!

And here we have a beautiful beach view.

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