Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lexi's Got Sass!

And quite a lot of it too, let me tell you . . . Yep, I've got a sassy little thing. Most of the time it is funny, but it can drive you crazy. Who wants to argue with a two year old? And lose?!! (I must need debate lessons, eh?) Okay, so I don't really lose, I just lose wind and decided that maybe it isn't worth it, or maybe she just needs to be sent to her room, or maybe I just need to physically force her to wear clothes. . . something like that. Either way, I hope the teen years aren't too rough . . .

Here are a few of her sassy sessions:

Session # 1

*Carl and Lexi are at McDonalds, about to leave after playing at the playplace.*
Lexi: (climbs into highchair) I hungry. Go order food.
Carl: No, it's time to go home.

Lexi: No, I wait for food. (pats the table)

Session # 2
*A "not tired" Lexi tries to get out of taking a nap.*
Courtnie: What do you need? (opening Lexi's bedroom door)
(as she runs out and knowing Mommy will catch her) No! Don't get me!

Session # 3

*Lexi getting tickled, and suddenly deciding she has had enough.*
Lexi: (laughing) No, don't . . .*giggle* . . . No, don't . . . *he he*

Lexi: (somberly and angrily) No, Don't! (With a very serious, wide-eyed expression)

Session # 4

* Lexi taking a bath but doesn't want it to end*
(Carl pulls the plug)

Lexi: Daaa-dee! Don't pull the plug!

Yep, she's sweet and sassy, and we love her to pieces!

Here is also a picture of my darling and currently unsassy little guy. Isn't he just so cute?

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