Friday, May 2, 2008


Hello World!

Here is Lexi saying, "Hi!" to everyone.
Isn't Lexi cute? I caught that one as she was dancing around trying to look at the camera to see the pictures I had taken. She has been quite the little "Dennis the Menace" this afternoon. I think it is due to her lack of a nap. First, I had to convince her that clothing is a good thing, that nudity is not appropriate for all day long. After I wrestled her into some clothes and a diaper, telling her, "See the pretty lambies on your shirt?" (She had pink sheep on her P.J.s) we went outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I also hung up some clothes to avoid using the clothes dryer as it heats up the place. As we were sitting on the lawn, she thought Kenny might like to have a taste of grass. I kept preventing her from giving him a taste, but she would keep trying, as she gave an impish and somewhat evil laugh! The little munchkin! The pieces of grass started to turn into big clumps, by the way. Eventually I picked her up and had her sit on my lap. So then she decides to pinch me over and over again and laugh when I say, "Ouch! Stop that. Pinching not nice." I eventually conviced her to go bother Daddy. He didn't seem to mind as much. This exact same scenario played out with her scratching and wiping boogies on us too! (She has been having a bad nose due to allergies.) She is such a tease. Now don't think that she is mean. She is just playing a game!
Does this look like the face of a grass eating guy?

Who knows?

But I am quite sure that he didn't get that double chin from a grass diet!

I see another Dennis the Menace in the making! :) And when that happens, I will be outnumbered!

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Ben & Jennifer said...

Courtnie~ Your little kiddos are so cute! Lexi looks JUST like you! I hope you don't mind, Grandma gave me your blog address! Feel free to check ours out if you want to!!

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