Friday, May 16, 2008

Mothers's Day and More!

Hello all, here is a family pix from Mother's Day. I had avery nice Mother's Day. The kids let us sleep in until 10, and Carl and Lexi got me roses and miniature cupcakes. I also got a big, fat nap and Carl made dinner, did the dishes and tidied up after kids were in bed! It was sooo nice!
We need a new family pix on the right hand column, but this picture isn't good enough. I don't like how I look in it. It's just okay. Maybe I am too picky? It just seems like I used to be photogenic, but since I have had children I have lost it. Oh well, that are more important things in life, right?

This is a really cute picture of my little Kenny in his new outfit from Dwayne and Taunie. I am really thankful for it because I have been looking for a summer hat that fit his little head, and couldn't find anything. Now we have a cute baseball cap and matching outfit! Thanks a bunch, by the way, guys!

I just like this silly picture of Kenny. He looks so cute, fat and grumpy! I think he will be blonde.

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Family Pix

Family Pix