Friday, April 25, 2008

What I Love About My Kids

I decided that I it would be nice to write down 5 of the many things (per kid) that I love about my 2 little ones. For there are so many to name, but at times when Kenny is determined to be a little barnickle (i.e. he doesn't want to be put down) and Lexi is having one of her Little Miss Quite Contrary moments, I forget a little bit. Don't we all? So . . . Lexi first.

Mommy Loves Lexi!

1. I love how smart she is. She memorizes books and loves to "read" them to her stuffed animals or to her parents. Some times when we read to her, she will snatch the book from us and say, "Let me read it!" Ha!

2. I love how she loves to help me cook. When I have a cup of . . . something and she wants to pour it in she says, "I want to dump it!" in her commanding voice. (Does she hear that voice from me? . . .)

3. I love her big beautiful blue eyes.

4. I love how sweet she is with her baby brother. She loves to check on him when he is napping and kiss him and she tries to share with him. She is such a good big sister!

5. I love how independent she is, although it does frustrate me when we are walking and she won't hold my hand because she "wants to walk!" by herself.

Mommy Loves Kenny!

1. I love his fat little self! He is getting so chunky and it is so cute!

2. I love how me makes a little Popeye face :) when he gets grouchy.

3. I love how he loves to be with his mommy, although sometimes I wish he would give me a break.

4. I love his cute little smile and when he coos at me.

5. I love his beautiful blue eyes too! And his fat cheeks! (Okay, that is two things. Oh well.)

Alright, I guess that is all for tonight.

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