Monday, April 14, 2008

Long time, no write!

Me and my beautiful chillin's

A wise Lexi holds an insane (and plump) Kenny :)

Long time, no write?
Well, kinda. Depends on what kind of blogger I am, I suppose. Under normal circumstances I would probably blog once every 1-2 weeks. But since the arrival of little Kenneth, I blog maybe once a month. I tried to blog a week ago, but the darn computer froze up and then died. I just love my computer!

Well, what is new around here? . . Well, it is warmer. A lot warmer! Spring has sprung, and we are oh-so-glad! I took Lexi and Kenny to the park the other day. Kenny was in the sling while I chased Lexi around. it worked out quite well. I love my sling!

What else ? . . The semester is almost ending, and I am quite glad because then Carl won't be getting home so late. It is nice to have some real adult conversation and have an extra pair of hands to help with our two crazy children! (Lexi is currently the crazy-est, but Kenny will catch up soon enough.) Plus I am just plain happy to spend time with Carl.

I am quite proud of how domesticly productive I have been today. Baked muffins with Lexi, made dinner on time, went for a walk with Lexi in stroller and Kenny in sling, cleaned bathroom, tidied my room and vacuumed. While managing a baby and toddler! I feel like I have done well today. *I am sure all of you mothers of more than two are inwardly groaning. But I'll catch up someday, then I can groan as well! Ha! :) *

Lexi has no more cast. We took it off when it got drenched. Which was several days ago and it still isn't dry!

Okay, that's all folks! Bye!

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