Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh, Lexi . . .

Well, guess what Lexi did yesterday? She broke her arm! Yeah, she feel just two feet at the Morgantown Mall play area and broke her little arm! The play area is nice and padded too! The Dr. said that children's bones are soft so that makes sense.

It apparently isn't a real bad break, but still definetly a break. I need to take her to get a cast on Monday. Today, a Saturday, I took her to Urgent Care and they X-rayed it and put her in a splint. A device of which she is not too fond . . .

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Diana said...

I am very happy to leave the first comment...... so nice .... great family pics. Hey, you didn't mention you are a great dental assistant too... You have a beautiful family. You and Carl are very blessed.
Diana Frum

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