Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kenny's Birthday!

Hooray! Kenneth Carl is here! He arrived March 1st @ 6:45pm by waterbirth. He is so cute and sweet! I will write more later, here are some pix . . .

Lexi is a great big sister. So proud and happy!

Isn't he just so handsome? He is such a little man!

First family picture with Kenny. We sure look goofy!

Kenny with Lexi the day we brought him home. Lexi is doing so good with the adjustment and loves to give Kenny kisses!

This picture was taken approx. 10 seconds after Kenny was born. He was placed on my chest immediately after he came. It was really nice. I loved it! (Didn't I do a nice job editing it?) : )

Here Kenny bears a strong resemblance to his daddy!

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Linda said...

Super, super, cute, little Kenny!!! I bet his hair is going to turn blonde. It's hard to say who he looks like, but I am leaning toward Carl- Which is fair since Lexi is a miniture Courtnie.


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Family Pix