Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day (the day after . . .)

There! Now isn't that card cute? I made these for my family for Valentines Day. And I think they turned out quite nice. The wording says, "Hogs and Kisses". So cute.

So, Lexi has this weird desire to be naked as much as possible lately. She often is found trying to take off her clothes and diaper (or trick me into doing it for her!) so that she can go swing in her baby swing. She is too big for the swing, of course. But I let her play in it anyway. She also loves to be naked and sit in front of our little space heater. She gets upset if I try to dress her. But what can we do? It is winter, for heaven sakes! She is a crazy child, that is for sure. Which is one of the many things that makes her so lovable! : )

Still waiting for Kenny to come . . . I am hoping he will come early, but Carl is hoping that he will come on his due date. It is all up to Kenny though. Hopefully he will agree with me, instead of Carl!

Well, that is all for today. I don't really have much to report. I mostly just wanted to post my little Valentine's Day card. : )

Here is one last picture for this post:

Lexi loves to "get snug" with Mommy and Daddy every morning!

~ Courtnie

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kenny's Blanket

Finally!!! You wouldn't believe how freaking long my computer takes at uploading pictures. It is insane, well . . . not really. My computer is really old and we have dial-up. I know, I know. A really bad combination. Oh well . . .

Anyway, I am excited to show off my latest crafty creation. I just finished this blanket for my-soon-to arrive baby boy, Kenny, last night. I am quite proud of it. I designed the layout myself. I know it isn't complex, but I can still take pride in it. It took a lot of work! Take a look and decide if you think it is worthy of pride. : )

Isn't it beautiful?
And some detail . . .

Another thing I wanted to add here is a really good smoothie recipe that I came up with the other day with Lexi. It is so tasty and pretty healthy too! Try it!

Delicious and Healthy Smoothie

1 C. Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt
1 Tray Icecubes
1 Banana
1 and 1/2 C. Pineapple chunks
1 C. Strawberry and Kiwi 100% Juice
Blend until smooth in blender. Serve and enjoy!

We bought the most awesome bassinet today! It is so nice. It can be a bedside sleeper and changing table and rocker and it has wheels so it is easy to move around. It also lights up, makes music, vibrates and has a mobile that spins. It is great. It also is adjustable for height.

And last but not least, Lexi is feeling much better and has been for quite a few days. But she still has a cough and runny nose. So, if these symptoms still persist by Monday I am going to take her to the Doctor once again. Sigh . . . I hope it is just due to teething and not allergies or something else.

Monday, February 4, 2008

And for today . . .

Hey. Well, my poor little Lexi has been real sick the past few days. And when a little one gets sick, it is sure miserable for everyone! No sleep, no getting anything done, having to deal with a little grouch. Still, Lexi is having the worst time. And I am glad that I can make her feel better.

So, Kenny is due in 25 days. Coming right up! I have been having a lot of practice contractions for the past few weeks. Maybe he will be a little early, like Lexi. That would be just fine with me!

I have been reading a lot about natural childbirth. And I am really revved up about having a completely natural birth. I went natural with Lexi, except for being induced after contractions stopped (something I am not happy about). I am going to have a midwife and I am going to labor in water and try to have a water birth. It sounds like the way to go! A great book to read about natural childbirth is "Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth" by Ina May Gaskin. Another great read is "Mind Over Labor" by Carl Long.

I also am interested in trying to get my baby to do the breast crawl. Sounds pretty strange, doesn't it? Well, check out this video: This video supports breastfeeding and bonding with baby right after birth as well as natural childbirth. Check out and read up on it. It really is amazing!

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