Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life in West Virginia for Us

Well, this is something new for me. I never thought I would ever blog. It seemed so strange to me. Even though I am not an old geezer who is not able to catch up on technology (I'm in my early twenties)! I just made the assumption that only computer nerds did it.

So, mainly I thought this might be a cool way for family to catch up on what is going on with me and my little family on the other side of the United States. Without having to call when there isn't time. With the added plus of seeing pictures without having to fill up e-mail space! Or something like that. . .

Right now Lexi is taking good care of her stuffed animals as she changes their diapers and teaches them how to behave (and sounding oddly familiar . . .). It is so cute! She is a good little mommy!

Baby brother is due in 29 days! Leap year day. We are all very excited. Lexi loves to kiss Mommy's belly and say, "Baby brother!" Hopefully she adjusts to her new sibling well.

Family Pix

Family Pix