Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Happened, Anyhow?

A lot has happened since I really did a decent post on here.

I gave birth to a sweet baby boy on October 12:

Not even one day old here.

A few days old, maybe a week.  What an angel.

Few hours old.

We went to a pumpkkn patch not long thereafter:

I tried to take pictures of my children myself . . .

And realized I probably need to hire a professional to do it for me.  :D

We traveled to Utah in November to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.  Then Carl returned too Arizona while me and the wee ones stayed in Utah and anxiously awaited the arrival of my Mom, Step-Dad and three youngest brothers who were due to arrive from Africa around the beginning of December.  We were so excited to see them!  We hadn't seen then for almost a year!!!  It was totally awesome seeing them again.  Another bonus of being in Utah earlier than usual this year?  My kids and I were able to take part in the decoration of the Highland house for the Christmas season!  That was fun.  

When Carl returned about a week before Christmas, we had Dexter's baby blessing:

 And he wore the sweater I lovingly crocheted for him.  :)

We celebrated Christmas with family.  Always a treat!

We played Jumbling Tower (generic version of Jenga)!
Grampsy Joao lost, as you see from his frustration expressed through his fists!  :D

Caelan serenaded us with beautiful piano playing.  A new skill he aquired while in Mozambique for a year!

Cody and myself exercised to Richard Simmons!  And got all sweaty too. : P

We built a beautiful gingerbread house.  A new experience for our Brazilian Grampsy!

Dexter grew and grew!  Here is the 3 month old boy.

Oh, I can't forget!  This lovely young lady had her ears pierced as one of her Christmas gifts.  She didn't even finch during the procedure and was pleased as punch to finally be able to wear dangle-y earrings this day! 

Dexter just got cuter and plumper.  <3 p="">

Kenny had a birthday and turned 6!

Dexter exuded cuteness everyday!

And learned to sit up around 4.5 months old.  :)

Sometime in the middle of March, Carl and myself got Dawnette (my Mother-in-Law) packed up to move back to Utah, and packed our kids up and ourselves for a house hunting trip.  We dropped Dawnette off, then stayed at my mom's house for a day or two.  After saying goodbye to the kidlets, we traveled to Mississippi to find a new home in Madison!  The kids were wonderful for my mom and step-dad (so I was told).  Although Barrett slept in their bed every night!  lol  So cute. Anyway, Dexter came with us and was an angel baby on the planes (thank heavens!!!)  We returned to Utah and completed this trip in about 10 days.

Shortly after returning to Arizona, I finished up Lexi's crocheted sweater!  I was very proud of my accomplishment, let me tell you! :)  Lexi was too.

Just a few days before we were scheduled to have the movers come and MOVE!, I had an early birthday party for Lexi since she was going to have her real birthday in a hotel in Mississippi.  The theme was Nyan Cat.

This creature is the Nyan Cat.  I am sure most of you have no idea what the heck it is!  Well, it is a Pop Tart cat, of course!  That leave rainbow jet streams!  Duh!  : D  Acutally, here is how we came to have a Nyan Cat party.  I wanted rainbow, Lexi wanted cat, then she suggested a Nyan Cat!  Brilliant!!!  I was all for that.  :) 

Anyway, one of her birthday gifts from us was this pair of animal print heels.  She wore them at her party and felt simply divine, dahling!

Opening gifts at her party.  :)

And here we are at the here and now:  No picture taking on this camera has been happening until recently.  Now that life is starting to resemble something close to normal.

Dexter now has six choppers!

Lexi is a great helper, and is good at her chores.  :)

And so for now, life is good.  :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Time to Post, I Suppose?

  I haven't written on here in forever! So I guess I better reintroduce myself, seeing as I haven't been around for while.  Y'all might have forgotten me!  Here goes:  "Hi, I'm Courtnie and I'm addicted to moving."  : D  No, just kidding, not really, but from how much we have bounced around in the last 5 years, you would think so!  Actually, I kind of hate moving.  Lets see if I can get this right, hmmm.  We were briefly in Utah after our wedding(about one week), then in West Virginia for 4 years, the in California for 1 year, Oklahoma for 2 years, then Arizona for 18 months and now we are in Mississippi. For who knows how long.  Our nine year anniversary is coming up.  :)

I don't dislike it here, don't get me wrong.  This is a very nice area, and our house is quite lovely.  People are very friendly.  What I hate (remember how I mentioned that earlier?) is being unsettled.  Figuring everything out all over again; Making new friends, finding new doctors, making a new routine, scoping out new activities for the kids, learning new roads and freeways, acquiring new library and store cards, new schools (or homeschool groups) . . .yada yada yada.  I'm getting warn out a bit, I must admit.  Add to all this 3 young kidlets and one fussy baby who likes his mama to be his taxi.  Yeeaaahhh, I often don't feel like myself. Feel like I am not as good a mom as I used to be, or not as together as I used to be, or not as cheerful as I once was.   But I know this phase won't last forever.  Things will settle down and our days will have some semblance of routine and normalcy.  But I wish it would hurry up, darn it!

Anyway, I guess I better go to bed.  Sleep helps immensely.  :)

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